Your 3 Birth Bag Essentials

I get asked so often by expecting families what to pack in their birth bag.  And the question pops up all over Facebook groups as well!  I remember being pregnant with my first and feeling overwhelmed, wondering the same thing.  What if we forget something?  What if... read more

Do I really need a doula if I have a midwife?

The other day, somebody noticed my very favorite tote bag from Doula Trainings International that I carry with me everywhere. She asked me about it and we got to talking about my work as a birth doula. She was interested and curious about what I do, but prefaced the conversation by saying she didn’t feel she needed a doula for her birth because she had chosen midwives as her care providers.

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Reasons to Hire a Birth Doula

Now that we’ve established that birth doulas are beneficial for all types of birthing parents, I’d love to share some of the many ways hiring a birth doula can be beneficial. Reasons to Hire a Doula Pre-birth planning to relieve stress and fear: Doulas... read more

Who Should Hire a Birth Doula?

Are you curious about what a birth doula can offer you?  Maybe you’ve heard of doulas, and think it’s a nice idea, but probably not necessary.  Or maybe you think doulas are right for some people, but just not your thing.  The truth is, birth doulas are... read more

6 Tips for When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Does your baby cry a lot? Babies cry, we all know that, but some honestly do cry much more than others. I know how hard it can be to listen to your baby crying continuously with no end. It’s so hard to feel like you can’t help and the sound can became unbearable too.... read more

Resources for New Moms on the Seacoast

Congratulations, baby is here!  You’ve given birth and the hard part is over. If you’re reading this and you have a baby already, you probably know this isn’t really the case. I find myself spending a lot time talking with clients and mamas-to-be... read more

You are Mother. You are Fierce.

As a doula, I have frequent opportunities to witness mothers doing their thing, being in the place where only they can go, where they are simultaneously most vulnerable and powerful.  I know that mothers are so very strong, often much stronger than they themselves... read more

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